Publishing a package to an internal NuGet server with user input

I would like to use Octopus to control the formal deployment of our proprietary NuGet packages to our internal server.

Right now I have it so that TFS packages and publishes the assemblies as pre-release packages. What I would like to do is push those pre-release packages to Octopus as well.

We would have a deployment process where the package is renamed (to the correct - non-pre-release version number) - packaged and published to our server.

Can this be done? Pull the package from the Octopus internal feed and at collect the version number from the user deploying the package?

Hi John,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Just to make sure that I understand the request, can you confirm that you are looking to take a NuGet package that is already in Octopus (e.g. AppName.1.1.1-Alpha) and at deploy time you are looking to enable user-input to be able to rename the package (e.g. AppName.1.1.1) for production release? If I have mis-understood please let me know as the following instructions probably won’t be suitable.

Assuming I’m correct, as it currently stands in Octopus we don’t have this funtionality built in. Having said that it should be possible to rename a package post deploy using custom post deploy script. If you are using the inbuilt Deploy a Package step you can add a PostDeploy script to perform this action which will execute automatically, however if you are using the Transfer a Package step you will need to add an additional Script Step which will then perform this action.

Please let me know if you have any further questions,