Publish pushes to a public nuget feed


there is a public nuget server which is the production environment for a project. How do i get octopus deploy to push a package from its own nuget feed to an external nuget feed when publishing to production environment?

I tried via PowerShell script, but i don’t know how i can grab the projects nuget package.

Can you help me?
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Thanks for reaching out. You can use the variable $OctopusParameters['Octopus.Tentacle.CurrentDeployment.PackageFilePath'] to get the full path of the package that Octopus is using during the deployment. With that path in hand, you can use Nuget.exe from a Powershell script to push it to your destination feed.

That variable will return a value similar to this: C:\Octopus\Files\TestConfig.1.0.8.nupkg-83393274-b0e9-4290-961c-f4cef73f9153 . Make sure to remove the gibberish after .nupkg from the file’s name before pushing it to your feed.

Gotcha: That variable is only available within the deployment step. This means that to be able to use it from a Powershell script, you need to run it using the Scripts in package steps feature

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Thank you very much. It works as well.
If there’s chance to install a tentacle on this server, is it even possible to deploy a nuget package as a package without extracting it?

Thanks in advance!


I’m afraid that the package extraction is not something that can be stopped. You could add a Powershell script step that deletes the extracted content. Not the cleanest approach, but it’ll definitely work.