Publish package to nuget feed


I am trying to publish the nuget package from TFS CI build ( using /p:OctoPackPublishPackageTohttp=http://localhost/octopus/nuget/packages and api key) but it does not work.

Please help!!


Login to your Octopus Dashboard and go to Library. At the top of the packages screen should be a box with the nuget source, something like:
NuGet.exe push <YourApp.nupkg> -ApiKey <Your API Key> -Source http://myserver:8050/nuget/packages

Change your TFS param to use this url, something like:
/p:GenerateProjectSpecificOutputFolder=true /p:RunOctoPack=true /p:OctoPackPublishPackageToHttp=http://myserver:8050/nuget/packages /p:OctoPackPublishApiKey=<key>

Hi Sonal,

Thanks for reaching out. Please try what Robert recommended and let us know how it goes. If it still doesnt work, please send your TFS build log to so we can check what might be going on.



I will let you know once I get a chance to try it

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