Prompt to run step

We ideally need to add a prompt to ask the user if they want a step to be run as part of the promotion.

We have a large set of automation tests which we only need to run occasionally.
We need to allow the person performing the deployment to decide if they should be kicked off or not.

Is there a way using a manual intervention step to just skip a step rather than cancel the whole deployment process?

Hi Ed,

Thanks for reaching out! Once the deployment started, there is no way to deliberately skip a step. The only moment where you can skip a step, is right before you click “Deploy Release” (see attached screenshot). So unfortunately this is not possible.

There is a uservoice suggestion to be able to skip a step based on the value of a variable. If that was possible, there could be a way to make it work for your scenario. The Manual intervention would ask the user “Should we run the tests?”, if the user enters the string “no”, then the next step would pick that up and it wouldnt run.

If you can, please drop by that Uservoice suggestion and leave some votes on it. That’s our main way to know what the community wants

Sorry for the crappy news


Hi , we have actually very same situation with occasional tests run.
I’ve added my voices to the Uservoice suggestion above, how many voices is required to be included in the next releases ?

I guess the answer, but still have to ask - In case we do use manual intervention step - is there any way to mark the process as “success” in case the user choosing “abort” ?
Or, is there any way to report this execution as “success” to TeamCity (which initiates this deploy) in case user have chosen “abort” in manual intervention step ?


Hi Igal,

Thanks for getting in touch. Votes are only one of the variables that helps features make it into the product. The other variables are for example:

  1. Comments from users describing why do they need this feature. Best place to add these comments is on the Uservoice suggestion itself, as that is the place we go when we check what are we gonna build next.

  2. If there’s no possible workaround in the current version.

  3. If we (the Octopus team) believe that this feature goes with the line of the product.

Re your second question, its not possible to mark the step as successful if the user aborted it.