Prompt for manual intervention vanishes after 25 minutes


I am trying out a manual step (intervention) in between two other steps. When i deploy the release, the first step is success, and as expected, Octopus waits and prompts for manual intervention at 2nd step. But, when left idle, the prompt “mysteriously” vanishes after 25 minutes. So, there is no way i can “proceed” or “abort” the current release. Is this a bug or a limitation of the trial version? However, Octopus continues to wait at 2nd step waiting for manual intervention, but, i don’t have a way to either “proceed” or “abort”.

24th_min.jpg - Prompt being shown at 24th minute, after clicking “create release”.
26-mins.jpg - Missing prompt at 26th minute.
raw_logs.jpg - Raw log file.


Thanks for reaching out. We fixed this in 3.0.15 by removing the timeout for Manual Intervention steps:



Thanks Dalmiro for the speedy action.