Promote runs more steps than previous deployment - By design? Issue? Workaround?

I’m using Octopus Deploy 3.3.3. I deployed a release to an environment and manually skipped a handful of steps. After the deployment completed, I clicked on Promote on the Task Summary screen and chose another environment. Unfortunately, the list of steps to run was reset. None of them is set to skip, which I had configured differently on the previous deployment.

Is this by design? A bug?

How can I get Octopus to run exactly the same steps as I configured on a previous deployment?


Thanks for reaching out. This is as design. We assume each Environment is different, and that you won’t necessarily want to skip the same steps to skipped in stage when you go to prod. You’ll need to manually skip them en each environment you deploy to.

If you find yourself skipping the same steps over an over, you might wanna think about scoping that step only to the environment where you actually want to consistently executed it.