Promote Releases within Tenants


I’m trying to use Octo.exe promote-release to promote a release to an environment inside a tenant. However, I’m wanting to promote a release that is in the same tenant from a different environment.
Tenant 1 -> Tenant1
staging -> production

But the release that gets promoted is the last release from untenanted when using promote-release
Untenated -> Tenant 1
staging -> production

I’m I missing something or is there a different feature that I can use to accomplish this?

I do see there was some talk similar to this with channels a couple of years ago. Octo.exe or API: can I deploy the latest release from a specified channel?

Hi Jason,

Thanks for getting in touch! I’m sorry to hear you’re hitting this unexpected issue here. Based on how I’m interpreting your question, that certainly isn’t the behavior that I expect when promoting a release to a tenant. Tenanted deployments should enforce deployments through the lifecycle for each tenant (so untenanted deployments shouldn’t be able to be promoted to a tenant). This is the behavior I’m seeing when testing this out in my local instance.

Which version of Octopus and Octo.exe are you currently running?
Can you provide the exact promote-release command you’re using?

I look forward to hearing back and getting to the bottom of this one!

Best regards,


Hey Kenny,

I’m using version 2019.3.1 of Octopus and I didn’t quite realize until now, how old of a version of Octo.exe - 4.14.1.

That might be why…

Hi Jason,

Thanks for following up and letting me know! I suspect that is indeed the cause of this issue. Would you be willing to try this with the latest Octo.exe version (you can get it from our downloads page) and let me know if that resolves it for you?

Best regards,


Hey Kenneth,

So I updated to the latest version of octo.exe but got the same results, still pulls the version to promote from the latest untenanted release. I’m using version 6.8.1 of Octo.exe and here’s my redacted command that I’m running:
docker run --rm octopusdeploy/octo:latest promote-release --server= --apiKey=**** --deploymenttimeout=01:00:00 --project=admin --from=uat --deployto=production --tenant=test --updateVariables

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