Promote release to next environment

I am unable to promote a release from the dev environment to our stage environment. I am getting the following error:

There was a problem with your request.
The deployment process has no steps to run when deploying this release via the ‘DEV’ channel to the ‘STAGE’ environment.
Once you have corrected these problems you can try again.
If the problem is related to a variable you will need to update the variables for this release or recreate the release for the changes to take effect.
If the problem is related to the deployment process you will need to create a new release for the changes to take effect.

I have attached a screenshot that shows the process steps that I have defined. What is it that I am missing here?

Hi Mike,

Thanks for reaching out. Is there a specific reason why you have a Dev and Stage channels? It seems like all you need are Dev and Stage Environments.

In this case for example, if you just remove the channels Dev and Stage from the scope of each step, your deployment would work as you would expect.


Actually let me rephrase that a bit - I’m not saying you shouldn’t use Channels, I’m just saying that they are not serving any purpose from what I can see in that screenshot.

Perhaps if you can explain me a bit why you are using them, I can help you fitting them into your process.


I got the same error message when I did not have the channels defined. I
created the channels so I could assign a prices step to a channel.

The initial error message is saying that when you try to deploy to the Stage environment using the Dev channel, you do not have any steps to run in Stage.

What you’ll need to do is scope a step for the Dev channel and the Stage environment.

So I need a step that has both the Dev and Stage in the Environments field? Will this run automatically when TeamCity does a deploy? I want the promote to stage/prod to be manual.

Ok, I reread that last message, I am going to try this now.