Promote/Deploy MULTIPLE projects from one environ to another


I would like to use Octo.exe to synchronize one environment with another in our system. We have over 100 projects that get deployed to an environment. I want to get all the latest ones that have been deployed to Environment A, and deploy them all to Environment B. I have most of a command worked out, but how do I specify All projects? Below is the command I have so far:

Octo promote-release --force --from=Integration --deployto=Integration --updateVariables --excludemachines=SEA-2500-01,SEA-2500-03 --progress --server http://stuff --apiKey API-IDOHAVEAREALKEY

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for your question and welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately, you can’t specify all projects with the promote-release command. The promote-release command expects one project name to be provided with the --project switch.

There are a few options for what you are trying to accomplish.

One option would be to script this call and use a loop to call the command for each project. You can hard code the project list or use something like octo.exe’s list-projects command to get a list of projects and iterate through that. You can use the Octopus REST API to find the list of projects. If you go this route, you’d want to remove the --progress option as that would wait for the command to finish one deployment before the next one begins.

Another option would be to use the Deploy a Release step built-in to Octopus. In this case, you would have one project that has a step for each of the other projects that should be deployed. You can use a single deployment of that project to trigger deployments in all of the other projects.

Let me know if you have any other questions or need more information on those options.

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