ProjectGroups API Pagination Issue


I’m trying to do some release propagation of projects within a project group in version I have about 163 projects within this project group (we are using it deploy a series of apps whereby each project is one of our clients), and am using the /api/projectgroups/{project-id}/projects endpoint to retrieve the result set.

Upon each iteration of items, I check to see if Page.Next exists in the root Links object, and if it does, execute a new call to refresh the set and continue until Page.Next no longer exists, etc. For most of the endpoints that are stated as paginated in the documentation, this works fine.

However, for project groups, it appears that this is broken (it’s not appending ?skip={next-number}) to the Page.Next URL. The existence of Page.Next does come and go as expected when getting to the final page of results. I’ve attached an abbreviated example of the response JSON I receive.

response.txt (780 Bytes)

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for getting in touch, and you are quite right. This is a bug (broken project pagination) that we recently fixed in 2.5.10. If you upgrade, the links should work as expected.

Hope that helps!



Right you are. I had just upgraded 6 or so weeks ago and totally forgot the release cycle. I’ll give an upgrade a go.


Yep. Confirming that the upgrade fixed the issue. Thanks again for the assistance!