Project variable drop down list is not showing correctly in tenant

After upgrading from 4.1.1 to 2018.6.13, we noticed that one of our project variables (drop down) is defaulting to being bound to our default value of #{Empty}. Before the upgrade, we would get a drop down list and it would default correctly to the value of “Empty”, so it would be easy to change. I’ve included a screenshot of our drop down variable and it’s values. Also, a screenshot of what the project variable looks like from the tenant.

Our workaround for now is to unbind the variable and then change the value to what we need. Do we need to change the default value to just be “Empty” to have the drop down work correctly when creating a new tenant?



Thanks for getting in touch.

I’m not quite sure why this appeared to be working in 4.11, but if it was working then this may have just been by coincidence!

We do not currently support variable expressions in drop down options for templates. From your screenshot, it looks like you could model this better with variables that are scoped to your environments.

For example, you Application Insights Key field in the step could be set to the bound value #{ApplicationInsightsKey}. In your project variables, create a variable called ApplicationInsightsKey with an unscoped empty value. Then add separate values for development and production, and scope those values to the appropriate environments. See my screenshot below for an example.

Hope that helps. Let me know how you go!


Hi Tom,

Thanks for your explanation and recommendation! We are looking at switching that variable over to how you described. If we have any questions or issues, we will reach out.

Thanks again!

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