Project trigger not deploying latest release from source environment


Octopus v2018.9.0

I have 3 tenants in our ‘QA’ environment: QA1, QA2 and QA3. I have a trigger set up to deploy the latest release from ‘QA’ (source environment) to one of our development tenants to keep it in sync with QA nightly.

This was working fine when we were using QA2 (version 7.7). This sprint we’re using the QA3 tenant (version 7.8) but the trigger is still deploying the latest release from QA2 (7.7.0111). It should be deploying the latest release from QA3 ( as they are both in the same environment (‘QA’). The 7.8 releases will always be the latest releases to the QA environment.

I’ve confirmed all of the tenant settings and am sure they are in the same environment. Any idea what the issue might be?

Thank you!

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