Project group scope does not work for teams which were edited in 3.10.1 version


I have quite big problem with new version of Octopus. Team scope for project group does not work correctly.
I created one team in old version and one team in new version. Both teams are scoped to project group, but members of new team can see all project groups. It looks like in old version there was some mapping between projects and users even if scope was to project group. From “Test permissions” it does look like it is not there now.


Hi Jan,
I have just tested this feature locally and it currently appears to be filtering correctly. I have a user who only has access to 1 project group, and then on the dashboard for that user, they can only see the project (see screenshot) in that group, despite my administrator being able to see many more. Are you sure these users are not included on other teams that have more scoped permissions?

Could you send through some screenshots of the team configuration, project board and an export of the permissions test so that we can check if something might be misconfigured.
Thanks in advance,