Processing subscription iterates events descending to its Id's

I have tried subscriptions as it is described in this blog
Octopus version: 2018.7.7
My test project consists from one step and subscription is configured for 3 categiries “Deployment started”, “Deployment succeeded”, “Deployment failed”.
As a result notifications comes in wrong order: “DeploymentSucceeded” first, then “DeploymentStarted”.
According to log “Process subscription” task processes events descending to its ids:

| Success: Process subscriptions 21:26:12 Verbose | ‘Test’ webhook (Events-10147) succeeded. 21:26:13 Verbose | ‘Test’ webhook (Events-10146) succeeded. 21:26:13 Info | ‘Test’ processed webhook notifications… [ 2 ] 21:26:13 Info | ‘Test’ successfully finished processing. |

Is there any posibility to receive notifications in right order?


Thanks for reaching out, unfortunately there isn’t a work around for this one. As you mentioned, we are in fact processing them in the wrong order. I have raised a bug for this issue which can be tracked here
It might be worth noting that we process subscriptions every 30 seconds, so if you deployment ends up taking more than 30 seconds to run the “Deployment succeeded” notification should be processed after the “Deployment started” one.

I hope that helps, please let me know if you have any further questions.

Kind Regards,

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