Processes awaiting a task completed 3 years ago

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We have this problem from time to time. Often the task the process is waiting for is not existing but this time it was. The task finished three years ago though!! What’supp with this?


I also posted this question which might be related:

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Hi Joacim,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Would you be able to provide the task log for the task from 3 years ago: ServerTasks-34553, please?

Best regards,

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Task Log


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One more piece of information. Pressing cancel and try again does not help in this case but restarting the tentacle works temporarily.

(Derek Campbell) #6

Hi @joacim_andersson_olsen,

Thanks for raising this with us.

Could you browse to Tasks and use the Advanced filtering option, and look for any long running tasks which have not been set to completed? You should see options to check for Incomplete, Running, Queued, Executing or Cancelling and see if there are any tasks which look out of place? Generally, anything older than a week or so, would be where I would start, but it could be slightly different for your team/configuration.

It will look something similar to the below:



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Hi @Derek_Campbell

Currently we have no running tasks older than 2 minutes. Oldest task in state = Queued is from 20 november.

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Hi @joacim_andersson_olsen,

Thanks for sending this over.

Are there any items displaying Queued, Incomplete, or cancelling that are longer? I expect you may have found tasks which didn’t complete some time ago, and the likelihood is that this won’t happen again going forward.