Process Templates

I also would like to see Process Template implemented whereby we could have a base template that projects shared and differed from it by overriding default variables, and disabling steps if needed. The way Teamcity works is ideal.

It’s becoming quite a hassle to update all of my projects’ processes when something needs to change across the board.


Is there a place that we can vote on features to help drive development?

HI Dana,
I can see how this sort of a feature could be useful in reducing redundancy in your configuration. Unfortunately at the moment the best solution for similar “duplication” is simply using project cloning, although admittedly this then won’t flow through update across all your projects.

There is however a UserVoice ticket outlining a similar feature request. This is actually also similar to another suggestion for composite step templates. I would advise that you should perhaps add your vote and comments to these UserVoice tickets as we use this forum to work out what the community really wants. I can tell you that the Composite Step Templates concept is one that has now gotten a bit more attention internally and so it may actually be taken up in the near future. We will update the UserVoice tickets when any progress has been made to its implementation.