Process Step Editing

Would it be possible to fix the refresh? This would make a dramatic improvement to the user experience.

Currently trying to correct multiple process steps and each time I make a change the screen refreshed and I have to manually scroll back to my previous position.

Hi Colin,

Thanks for reaching out! We had a discussion about what you might be having a problem with and we all couldn’t agree exactly. Could you tell us in a bit more detail about the exact behavior you are seeing in a step by step manner so we might be able to replicate it? Including screenshots of before (where you make the change) and after (where the screen jumps to) would be perfect.

Could you also provide:

  • Octopus Server version
  • Number of steps in your process

Thank you for letting us know about this, we are really interested in continually improving user experience.


Hi Kenny,

We using the latest version of Octopus Version 3.7.11. Accessing the octopus Web application via Chrome version 55.

In a project’s Deployment Process screen (see attached) there are two method of editing a step: 1) click on the title which load a different page; 2) “Edit step in JSON” which allows the user to stay on the same but triggers a refresh when saving back to the server. Both methods cause the user to lose their scroll position, which is highly annoying when editing multiple steps. It would be nice to modify both these methods so the a project’s Deployment Process screen doesn’t refresh. e.g. Maybe you could use JQuery Dialogs and save the changes when closing the dialog, using AJAX ).

The refresh problem is a common issue across other pages such as the variable screens.



Hi Colin,
You may be pleased to know that we have scheduled a rewrite of the deployment process screen in the next few months so keep your eyes out for changes that hopefully makes your life a little easier!

With regards to the Edit Step As JSON feature that you have indicated is causing the refresh issues, this is actually a feature provided by the BlueFin Chrome extension and not something that we have natively provided in Octopus Deploy. David Roberts, the author behind this extension, is really great about taking user’s feedback and you can leave issues in the open GitHub repository. If you feel up to it you can even make a change and issue a pull request yourself!

Let me know if I can be of further assistance with this issue, or if you have any further questions,