Problems pushing Nuget packages to internal feed

I’m having some issues pushing my .nupkg files up to Octopus’s internal Nuget feed for deployment. If I use Nuget on the command line (nuget push My.Project. -ApiKey [key] -Source http://octopus/package/nuget) then it works without issue. If I try to upload a package using the Nuget Package Explorer then I get an error just saying “Not Found”. I’m aware you can upload packages through the Octopus web interface and that works fine, but I’m trying to get my developers to give their package contents a once over before uploading, as we are just starting to use Octopus.

Any ideas why NPE is giving me a weird error?

Hi James,

Thanks for getting in touch! I got the same error as you so I decided to use fiddler to see what was NPE doing on the back. Turns out NPE appends api/v2/package at the end of whichever URL you insert. This seems to be a known bug for NPE but it doesn’t seem they are doing much to fix it on their end (last comment was May 2014).

Sorry its not better news :confused:


Thanks for the update Dalmiro, that would explain my issue. I see the NPE dev said he would fix this ‘bug’ but nothing has surfaced yet…until then, I’ll get people to upload packages via the Octopus web interface.