Problem getting Deploy.ps1 to work

I can’t get Deploy.ps1 to execute a command. It just seems to dump out the contents of the script and says it executed successfully. Can I get some examples of scripts that actually work? In my situation I’m trying to take the parameters that are being pass in and putting them together as parameter to a command line EXE that is part of the package.



Hi Nathan,

Can you attach a copy of the logs?

Here’s the world’s simplest PowerShell script that we can use to test if they are being executed correctly:

Write-Host "Hello from Deploy.ps1"


I have since gotten past this problem. The trick for me was it would work fine locally when I ran the script just executing it like this


But it would get an error on the server. I could however reproduce the problem by executing it locally like this.

Invoke-Expression “.\Deploy.ps1”

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for the update, I will add this to the documentation soon so it helps other people.