Problem Exporting Octopus Server certificate

Hi, We have Octopus 3.2.20 version installed and we have but some WAF servers before our production website where Octopus tentacle agent is installed. Because of the WAF’s we need to export the certificate and install this on the WAF.

When we try to export the certificate from the Octopus Server through a Command prompt (run as admin) using this command,
"Octopus.Server.exe export-certificate --export-pfx=“C:\octopus\certificate\certOctopus.pfx” --pfx-password=“Password” --console”
we receive the error "Command ‘–export -pfx=c:\octopus\certificate\certoctopus.pdf’ is not supported’.

What am I doing wrong? Is it NOT possible with version 3.2.20 to export the Octopus Server certificate through this commando? What are the other options to export because in the UI we don’t see any export certificate options in version 3.2.20


Hi Peter

Thanks for getting in touch!

Unfortunately, the command you’re trying to run is only supported from version 3.14.15 and above. There is no way of exporting the server certificate in prior versions.

That said, can explain why you are trying to put a WAF between the Octopus Server and Tentacles? We use a custom protocol for communication that would not be understood by the WAF, so we would not recommend this.

Hope this helps!