Predeploy/deploy/postdeploy output merged in Octopus 3.x

Hello, after upgrading to Octopus 3.x we notices that now there is no separation in deployment log for these 3 deployment phases - predeploy, deploy and postdeploy. Can this behavior be reverted to 2.x so that we see logs separately for different phases? Now we’re forced to include special “markers” in deployment scripts to find where one script finished working and another started.

Hi Dmitry,

The separation that used to exist in logs was removed because of the architectural changes we made from 2.x -> 3.x.

We’ve had a quick discussion and can’t see this becoming enough of a priority that it would ever get done so rather than lie to you and put it on our backlog we will keep your suggestion in mind and action it if others request it or can find a compelling reason to make it a priority.


Ok, thanks for the answer. I think we’ll get over it, it’s not a big deal. :slight_smile: