Pre-release tag in packages causing failed auto release creation - Again

it seems that the closed issue “Pre-release tag in packages causing failed auto release creation” ( is still present in our Octopus 3.2.24; as a matter of fact our problem it’s similar to the one definied here:

Our scenario:

  • vs solution that contain 2 project (A and B) that contains OctoPack (packages will have version in format .-
  • tfs 2015 build server vNext
  • A is the first package pushed in built-in NuGet Gallery, B is the last
  • Octopus configured to create release automatically when project B is pushed to built-in nuget gallery
  • Error in Octopus: “Unable to automatically create a release for project ‘X’ when package B version 20160307.093503-dev1 was pushed: Failed to find latest version for package A”

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Carlo,

Thanks for getting in touch. We believe this behaviour is occurring because Octopus is looking for a stable version of project A.

Octopus will only ever pickup the latest stable builds for every other package apart from the one you push. So if you push a pre-release package (in this case package B), Octopus assumes you want stable releases for every other package in the release. We had to make this assumption because other packages in a release may or may not have pre-release tags.

Can you confirm that you only have a pre-release version of Package A available?

Hope that helps!

Yes, I confirm that we only have pre-release version of Package A; we are using pre-release tag for specify the source branch of our package, ex: 20160308.0919-dev1 or 20160308.0919-main. In this way, we would like to use Octopus as a internal Continuos Delivery server, not only as a Deploy server.
So, the only way to achive our purpose is switch-off automatic release and write a ps task in TFS Build Definition that create a release in Octopus server through octo.exe. Is it correct?

Hi Carlo,

If you are on the latest version of TFS, you can import Octopus build steps via a custom task.

Are you running the latest version of TFS?