Powershell on core octopus server

Is it possible to run powershell scripts on the octopus server instead of the tentacles?

Ill explain our use case:

We use Octopus in combination with teamcity as it provides a nice process of moving builds through dev, staging an to production. We especially likes the fact that the exact same code is deployed in staging and production, the ability to easily roll back and the complete history of deployments and configuration changes.

We would like to bring this to some of our other environments that are not compatible with tentacles. For example we deploy IIS applications using AWS auto scale groups and node applications on elastic beanstalk. In both cases we would like the deployment process to work exactly as other projects in Octopus, and we would like to create projects that deploy to both tentacles and other environments. Running powershell on the Octopus server would allow us to do this.

Hi Soren,

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To run a PowerShell script on the Octopus Server our solution is to install tentacle on that particular machine.

We have some documentation about the solution which can be found here:

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