Powershell deployment hangs forever

my powershell deployment (script) hanged today (after completion) and I can’t cancel it. I’ve tried killing Tentacle.exe, stopping service, even restarting whole machine. Deployment is still running. (v2019.2.4)

Hi Kamil,

Thanks for getting in touch, and sorry that you have a stuck deployment.

We would greatly like to know why this deployment got stuck, if possible would you be able to get a process dump of your Octopus Server process and upload it here.

Once you have the process dump the next step would be to restart your Octopus Server service, which can be done via Octopus Manager.

If that fails to resolve the issue please let me know,


Hi @Alex.Rolley,
thanks for answer. This deployment got cancelled after 4h, I’ll get touch with you when this happens again and fetch the logs.


Hi Kamil,

Thanks for the update.


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