Powershell being ran by Tentacle is failing, but same script ran manually on the target executes OK

Hi Octopus,

We have a SOAPUI test suite that is being ran at the end of the deployment to validate the install using “testrunner.bat”.

A simple piece of custom powershell has been written that is used :

“$process = (start-process $testRunner -ArgumentList $arguments -NoNewWindow -Wait -Passthru).ExitCode”

When this is executed on the tentacle the error code comes back as 255

“Write-Host “SOAPUI Execution - Finished - Exit code : $process.”” <- 255

However when I take the same powershell script and run it on the the target server that the tentacle is on, it executes as expected.

Additional details :
Both the tentacle service and the user logged in when manually running the script are the same account.
The account is local admin.
When running the powershell script, powershell is running as administrator. The script is on the desktop and its a right click “run with powershell”

The question is, what is the tentacle doing that is different to me manually running the powershell script ?


ServerTasks-11813.log.txt (8 KB)

Hi Jon,

Thank you for getting in touch.

I suspect the problem is that SOAPUI has problems running under a windows service account. The easiest way to do this is to stop the tentacle service, then run it interactively while logged in as that user by running Tentacle.exe from the command line (or Tentacle.exe run --instance MyInstance if it is not the default instance). Then try the deployment again, while watching that server to see if any windows are opened.

If it does succeed, try enabling the interact with desktop option and restarting the tentacle. If that does not work, contact SOAPUI and ask them how to run the application under a Windows Service.

Robert W