POST/API for Saving the Step Template not working

(Abhinay Sutrakar) #1


We are using the Step template for providing input parameters before creating the Release and then Deploy.

In order to do it from Octopus console we are able to do it but from backend using API unable to process it.

Can someone guide how we can achieve using Octopus APIs instead of UI.

1.Save the Step Template for a release.
2.Create Release.

Abhinay Sutrakar

(Ziaul Islam) #3

Hi Abhinay,

Welcome to Octopus!

To get started using the API rather than the UI, I would suggest you use Octopus. Client:

We have an extensive list of API calls you can use. I will attach the link to the GitHub repository which will contain examples on how to achieve what you are after:

I hope this information is useful to you, any further questions please let me know :slight_smile:

Kind regards,