Possible to install directly to custom directory


I’ve setup a web app deployment process, which deploys to 12 different servers. Everything is working fine, but it is taking too much time to complete, since I am doing rolling deploy to 1 server at a time.

From the task log I’ve noticed most time spend is copying the files from the original installation path to the custom installation path, I was looking for an option to workaround this behavior. In my scenario is safe to work on the custom installation path, as the server is brought offline before the deployment is done.


Hi Antonio,

Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately this isn’t something we currently support at the moment, but we’ll keep it in mind for the future. I’m guessing the packages have a large number of files that might not change between deployments?


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the response.

In fact we do have some files that shouldn’t change that often and are the “heavy weight”. Some nuget packages we are referencing.

We just found strange that from a 3 minutes task, it takes 2 minutes to copy 45MB.

We are trying to slim the package and finding a way to speed up things.


Hi Antonio,

We do have a UserVoice suggestion but it has gotten no traction.

Please vote and comment to see if we can get some interest in this to be built!