Polling Tentacles not really helping

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There is two cases at customer sites, where I have set up Polling Tentacles. I guess the whole design idea of these Polling Tentacles is to ease setup for closed environments and to have to avoid opening Firewall each and every time.

However, since the Polling Tentacle is connecting back on port 10943 instead of port 80 or port 443, in both cases I have had to ask the customer to open outbound port 10943, which is annoying and time consuming.

Would you consider changing the Polling Tentacle to talk back to the Octopus Deploy server in some of the next releases so it uses ports 80 and 443 only? This would really make it work the I assume it was designed for.

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Hi Markús,

Thanks for getting in touch! It’s by design that it works in this way, mostly around the certificates and communication.
But we agree it would be great if you could define the port, so I have created a UserVoice suggestion you can vote and comment on here:


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