Polling tentacle behind proxy cant communicate with Octopus server


I am trying to setup communication between polling tentacle behind proxy and octopus server. The install wizard for tentacle is configured to use default proxy(proxy settings from IE) and the installation is successful. The tentacle is registered on octopus server automatically.

But from here the polling tentacle cant reach octopus server to perform tasks/health check etc…

I saw this post which is exactly the same issue i am facing now. The post says this issue is fixed but does not work for me.


I have Octopus server 2018-10.5 LTS and Tentacle 4.0.1 installed

Hi @Revathi_Devineni

Thanks for getting in touch!

From what you have described it sounds like your proxy is not allowing traffic through on port 10943, which is the port used to communicate with your Octopus Server. Initial registration (which appears to have worked) is on port 80/443, which is why I suspect that the issue is either proxy or firewall related at this point.

If there is anything else we can do to assist please let me know,


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