Plugin Support for Configure Features

I’ve spent a bit of time with 2.0 now and I like the Configure Features. I see that the tentacle has a scripts folder that is used for these. Seems you are setup fairly nicely for plugin support. I’d love to see this enhanced more so a 3rd party could create a configuration feature.

Some thoughts on what you might need.

  • Some why to plugin an html template for the feature
  • A way to copy the supporting scripts to the Tentacle on feature install
  • a small js api to tie it together
  • storage of the config values would use the variables payload

So, why this vs just putting scripts in the package deployment. My thought is when you do a lot of deployments that are similar, you end up coping a template script over and over. The big issue comes when something needs to change. you have to go update a ton of builds. Also, this provides more structure for what values are needed for that script.


Hi - yes, you’re onto us here :slight_smile: We’d very much like to open up this capability to customers, and have been building a lot of the 2.0 architecture with some form of ‘pluggability’ in mind. We’re still waiting for things to settle a bit before we move forward on any of this however, since we’d like to support a model that we don’t break frequently with future versions.

We’ve also been discussing a “script library” concept, which is on the backlog - this wouldn’t provide the UI you mention, but would help a lot here.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, much appreciated!

Awesome, think having powershell scripts in the library would be a huge win. That would be most of what I’m looking for.

Have these things “settled” a little bit now?
I see that there have happen much in the Script Library and I love both the Script Templates and the ability to import Script Modules.

I have a generic PowerShell script that I want to run as a PostDeploy-command on each step in the deploy process.
Of course, I could create a script cmdlet and call it as a PostDeploy-command.
But I would like to add this as a “Package Deployment feature”, the same way as “Configuration transforms”, “Substitute variables in files”, “Windows Service” and so on.
Then I could just “Run it” or “Not run it”.

So are there any plans to open up for “plugins” like this?


I have added this to UserVoice as its a great suggestion, and has been brought up before.

Please go through and comment and vote and see if we can get this created as a feature.