Playing an audible bell sound or chime at the end of a deployment

Is there a known way to achieve this? If not, I think this could be a very easy feature to be introduced. A low-hanging fruit which could make a bunch of people happy.

Hey @kristian.du , thanks for reaching out and for your question!

Unfortunately, we don’t currently have any settings or configuration within Octopus to enable playing a sound once a deployment has completed. At this time, this is also not a feature that we’ve committed to building into the product. However, we’re always looking for feedback! If you’d like, you can add this idea to our UserVoice site (or, you can add your vote to this existing similar item). Requests in UserVoice are not guaranteed to make it into the product, but is one of the ways we try to understand and track consumer desires and requests within the product.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions or need assistance!