Pipe console out during deploy in realtime

I’m using the deploy.ps1 to kick of my already existing nant deplotscript.
When the deploy is done i can see all the stdout/stderr messages in the web interface, but i would really like to follow it realtime.

TeamCity allows this and automatically scrolls the output.


This isn’t possible currently, but thanks for the suggestion. I’ve added it to the backlog:



Just to let you know this is now fixed - the latest Octopus/Tentacle combination will now show real-time output from PowerShell.


Thanks this a great help while tracking deployments!

I would now like to view the output as a console though. Meaning a max-height on the output div with an autoscroll functionality. My output is really verbose so manually scrolling to keep up is my last nuisance.

I would love this as i end up using BareTail to a network share to watch my log files…

I found when calling external scripts (e.g. RoundhousE) from the Deploy.ps1, I had to append “| Write-Host” to the call to get Octopus to display the messages. Not a biggie.