Phases, Environments and Lifecycles

Hi, I have webservices hosted both on-premise and in Azure. I have set up a Lifecycle that has three Phases, Test/Stage/Production. I also have environments called Test, AzureTest, Stage, AzureStage, Production, Azure Production. In the phases, I have both the “on-premise” environment and the azure environment for Test/Stage/Prod.

I have set the projects up so that when TeamCity pushes a new build it gets deployed to Test immediatley. However it seems it only gets deployed to the first enviroment in the Phase and not to both (Test and AzureTest for instance). Can this be configured somehow?


Hi Fredrik,

Thanks for reaching out! When you add an environment to a phase, you can configure it in a way that when the release reaches that phase, It automatically gets deployed to that environments. To set this up, mark the box Deploy to this environment as soon as the release enters this phase when you add the environment. (see screenshot)

If you add both Test and AzureTest with this box marked, both environments will be deployed when the release reaches their phase.

Hope that helps!