Permissions to view variable sets values

Is there a way to allow a team to view variable sets values without giving them VariableView permission on all projects?

Currently our users have LibraryVariableSetView and VariableView but with a limited project and environment scope and when they try to open a Variable Set or view the variables in a Release they get a permission error. The only way we found was to give VariableView without project restriction but this has a side effect that users knowing the URL of a project variable tab they shouldn’t have access can view these variables :frowning:

I can understand that variable sets are for all projects but to see the variable values i would think that having the VariableView on at least one project would be enough.

Another solution, even better, would be to be able to scope Variable Sets to projects so that they could only be used by those projects and view by anyone having VariableView on any of those project. For example you have a variable set containing login and password used by a group of projects and don’t want those to be used by other projects.


Hi Guillaume,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately this isn’t possible at the moment. We do have a Uservoice request to setup permissions around Variable Sets. Please try to put some votes on it and why not a comment if you want to see this on upcoming versions.



Done :slight_smile:

what is the state of this issue? Can we expect a solution for it somehow? It would be essential for variable grouping for us. It is quite difficult to maintain 40 variables per project without grouping them.



Hi Kemy - Unfortunatelly this is still not in our immediate roadmap. If possible add some votes to the below uservoice suggestion, along with a comment explaining your current scenario and why would you be benefited by this feature.

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