Performance issue at Create Release --> TFS Build Server version list dropdown

Sometimes I am having a problem at “Create Release” admin page. We get our http TFS Build Server’s build version list (Packages) too late. We are waiting for 1 ~ 5 minutes for selecting the last TFS version of the applications to the dropdown list. We have a list this contains 77 old TFS app versiyon information LIKE “2.0.13024.1” , “2.0.13025.1” At the end of the waiting time,

How could we impove this performance problem at Creating Release page?

My octopus server:

My TFS build server:


Özgür Kaya

Clean out your old nuget packages. We noticed the same behaviour, and are now archiving all but the last 3 versions for each environment.

Hi Derrick,

How do you keep the last 3 versions? I have a scheduled task that executes once a day and deletes everything in my nuget repository older than x days, but I would prefer to take an approach similar to yours (i.e. keep the last x versions).

Hi Brad,

I am doing it with a scheduled batch job, which I run nightly. So during the day, the packages will pile up, and then every night I prune them back down to the most recent 3.

Here is the important bit of the batch file:
for /f “tokens=* skip=3” %%A in (‘dir D:\Packages*.* /o-d /tc /b’) do (
del “D:\Packages%%A”

Awesome, that is exactly what I am after.
Thanks very much Derrick.

Hi all,
@Now we are integrated Klondike NuGet repository instead of the original nuget repository for our internal nuget libraries. There is no indexing problem or issue.

Also We are packaging projects with octopack with Octopus built in nuget library instead of tired TFS nugetter build template. There is no problem.


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