Pattern for deploying files to network share?

Hi Folks,

I’m a total newbie so forgive me if I’m asking a dumb question.

I’ve got a situation where a team is producing an Excel spreadsheet and they deploy it to a network share for people to use. (Though questionable - this is not something I can change right now).

The approach we’re taking to getting it deployed is that we have a machine with a tentacle on it, which has a drive mapped to the target network share. The Excel spreadsheet is packaged as a NuGet package and then deployed to that machine and as part of the deployment a script copies the file to the share.

This seems a bit nuts (having an entire machine to host the tentacle, packaging a spreadsheet in nuGet etc) and I’m wondering if there are any neater ways of doing it.


Hi Tom,

Thanks for getting in touch! Octopus works on a model that is basically: (1) Put the code on a Nuget package (2) Deploy it to a tentacle (3) Enjoy. The process you just described actually sounds pretty good, except for the questionable dependence on the Excel spreadsheet of course.

Packaging/not packaging the spreadsheet - If you want to avoid packaging the spreadsheet, you could use Octopus to just move it around from point A to the File Share using Powershell. We do not recommend avoiding the nuget package, honestly. Having your code on nuget package on a repository allows you to have a proper version control strategy of your work. Besides most build servers today allow you to pack your code right after build time, so you don’t really have to do much. Octopus even gives you an out-of-the-box nuget feed to store your packages.

Having an entire machine to host the tentacle - If you have that tentacle to just move that spreadsheet to the share, i’d recommend you to install the tentacle on the same machine where you have your Octopus server running. This way you’ll be using it both as server and tentacle, which is a practice we support 100%. Just make sure the server/tentacle has access to the share :wink: