Passing nuget packages locally to octopus to improve speed


Before everything else, I want to explain the setup I currently have.
I am using TeamCity as my build server,
Octopus deploy to automate my deployments,
They are both on the same Physical server.

Everything is working great except there is some slowness when the Nuget gets pushed from TeamCity to Octopus, mostly around 2-3 minutes for a 30mb package.

[Exec]   PUT
[Exec]   Created 128124ms

now I’m wondering is there any way to push the nuget to octopus without having to issue a PUT request which is essentially uploading the package to octopus which is also the same server.

(basically the nuget package is already on the same server as octopus so why need to upload it again.)

The Idea I have is, how can i push a build to Octopus without having to upload the file, but instead pass a location in the local directory pointing to the nuget package.

Hope my inquiry is clear.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Renny,

Thanks for getting in touch! What I’d suggest in your scenario is to configure an external NuGet feed in Octopus, which can be simply a local directory path on your server. This will allow you to bypass the need to upload it to Octopus. From here, you can configure your package step to download the package directly to the Tentacle from the feed, instead of the default option where the Octopus Server downloads the package and then uploads to your Tentacles, as shown below.

I hope this helps! Let me know what you think or if you have any further questions going forward. :slight_smile:

Best regards,


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