Pass Parameter to Azure Resource Manager Deployment

We have an Azure Resource Manger deployment where most of the parameters come from variables stored in a variable set, so we have an ARM parameter file and use substitution syntax to put the variables in the parameter file, all works fine. However we now need to add a manual step to the beginning of the deployment, one this is complete what we need to do is have the person doing the manual step enter a value (a GUID in this case) that can then be passed into the ARM deployment as a parameter, and I am struggling to see how we can do this.

The manual step is at the beggining of the deployment, so it’s already running so we can’t just go and update a variable in the variable set at this point. I’d like them to be able to enter the value in the notes field, and if we were using a normal PowerShell script I can see how we would retrieve that and use it, but in an ARM deployment we don’t have the same flexibility as far as I can see. Is there anyway to get this data into a position where the ARM process will then substitute this into the parameter file?

Hi Sam,

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I would recommend using a prompted variable to pass your value to the ARM template. This would need to be input on release creation so I realize the timing may not be right for your circumstances.

The notes from the manual intervention step are available as a variable to steps following the manual intervention step. You could use that value in variable substitution using a syntax like:


Where ManualIntervention is the name of your manual intervention step. I believe we automatically perform substitutions on both the template and parameters files when the Azure Resource Group step is run so the notes should be available to those.

Hope this helps.



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