Parameters aren't available in Step Template - Deploy a Nuget Package within pre/deploy/post deploy scripts

In my step template I’ve defined some parameters, and they are available for use in the textbox “NuGet package ID”, but if I expand the parameters list next to the “pre-deployment script” they don’t show up in the list. I’m wondering why that isn’t allowed?

My goal is to create a reusable step that I can use to deploy my databases. I’m deploying a nuget package and then running a script that will do something with the contents.

Please see the attached images.


Hi Nick,

Thanks for getting in touch! And hanks for reporting this, I have created an issue in GitHub to get it resolved which you can track here:

We have found a few places where our variable expansion hasn’t included what it should, but we have obviously missed this one, please let us know if you find any more.