Parallel Deployments issue...maybe

I’m not sure it this is a bug or a feature…I updated our Octo server to and set 25 steps to “Run in parallel with previous step”. Basically all steps except the last step, which is an email that gets sent out saying the deployment is complete. After setting them to run in parallel I created a release where I skipped the first 3 steps and deployed it. To my amazement it was done in 3 seconds. The problem is, it didn’t deploy anything. It looks like if you set a step to run in parallel with the previous and you skip the previous step, the other one will be skipped as well even though it’s checked to run.

Can someone let me know if this the expected behavior or not?


Hi Dan,

Thanks for the report! Another customer has also reported this bug, The workaround is to not use parallel triggers for steps that are likely to be skipped.
Here is the GitHub issue you can track:

Thanks again!

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll not use the parallel deploy feature until it’s fixed. Thanks!