Parallel deployment of a step on several targets


I have a deployment process containing from several steps. Every step can be installed on several targets. All of them were intalled one by one and it was fine. But I have noticed that one of my steps can be installed on all targets at the same time without any problems. On some production environments there can be up to 18 targets. Every deploy takes 30-60 sec but all targets can take 14-15 min.

I have found out “Start Trigger” option which can be set to “Run in parallel with the previous step” but I don’t need to run this step with the previous at the same time. I just need to deploy this step only on all targets in parallel.

I have also found out “Octopus.Action.MaxParallelism” variables. “This variable limits the maximum number of packages that can be concurrently deployed to multiple targets” © but looks like it affect all steps but I need to install only one step in parallel mode. All others must be installed one by one.

Does anybody know is it possible and how to do that?


Hi @kong8313,

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By default, a deployment step should execute on all deployment targets simultaneously unless you have Rolling Deployments configured. Do you know if this is the case for your project?

If you do have Rolling Deployment configured for this project, this setting is controlled per step, so you could either disable it for this step, or increase the Window Size to deploy to more than one target at once.

If you don’t have Rolling Deployment configured, but are seeing steps deploy to servers one at a time, could you attach the raw deployment log for me to take a look at, please?

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Hi Paul,

Rolling Deployment was my case. It is not very obvious in new design but it was set for my problem step.

Now it works fine. Thanks a lot.

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