Packaging a Website via TeamCity for deployment via OctopusDeploy

I’ve been through everything that I can find on the web, and I still cannot get a basic ASP.NET website with a NuGet dependency to package with all the components needed for deployment. Every tutorial I’ve seen seems to gloss over this topic as if everyone already knows the process. Also, Paul Stovell’s tutorial references a link to a deploy.ps1 file, that no longer exists.

Can someone please talk me through the process of creating this nupkg file?



Thanks for getting in touch. I’ve been working on the documentation today and I’ve created a new walkthrough explaining how to use TeamCity to package an ASP.NET web application for Octopus Deploy using OctoPack:

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions,


Thanks Paul for all the work! Tools like yours help make other developer’s lives easier and more accountable and audit-able. :wink: I will be following this now and starting to incorporate our new Octopus purchase at work.

That did the trick, thanks Paul! We were evaluating both the new Redgate Deployment Manager, and Octopus, and it looks like Octopus will win!

Really looking forward to the part that allows TeamCity to trigger a deploy in Octopus. I’ll see what I can come up with.

The way we trigger deployments is using octo.exe to create and deploy a release as a build step in TeamCity. You can either put the octo.exe file on each of your build agents and set it as a required property or you can check the current version of octo.exe into your souce control provider along side your project in a tools folder (this is how I do it) so that it’s always available without having to maintain it on the build agents. Then you just add a command line build step that runs a command like this:

.\tools\octopus\octo.exe create-release --server={octopus-url} --project={project-name} --version=2012.4.0.630 --packageversion=2012.4.0.630 --waitfordeployment --deploymenttimeout=“00:20:00” --deployto=Staging --apikey={top-secret}

You can find the documentation and downloads for octo.exe at