Package retention and forcing cleanup

We installed a new Octopus Server last month, and in less than 30 days, we’ve filled our 50GB App Drive. I looked and noticed that I had the Library\Packages set to keep everything. I’ve now set it to only keep 30 days, but that still means it won’t clean anything up yet.

My question is 2 fold

  1. if I set the cleanup to 10 days (for now), is there a way to force the cleanup agent to run?
  2. does the cleanup agent also clean up deployed releases? IE: If a release is in Qual for 45 days, and it needs to be promoted to Production, what happens?

Hi Chase,

Thanks for reaching out.

  1. You cannot manually force the cleanup. What you can do though is go to the Tasks menu, look for an older cleanup task and re-run it.

  2. The deployed packages are not affected by the Repository Retention found on Library\Packages. Once they get deployed, they are affected by the Retention Policy* set on Library\Lifecycles\[lifecycle name]. On that menu you’ll be able to set a retention policy for each phase of your lifecycle. This retention policies will get executed at the end of each deployment.

Hope that helps!