Package push - multiple datacenters

I have design question. Let’s say non-prod regions are in data center A Prod in data center B and DR in data center C - all connected over WAN. Octopus Deploy will be in data center B and C, but B as main location.

Octopus Deploy should support deployment life cycle from multiple non production regions in data center A, then promote the code to data center B production and then DR in data center C.

I understand that all source files will be pushed from OD from data center B to data centers A and C which sparks a bandwidth requirements questions and concerns.
Some other systems can utilize distribution points local to the data centers for further distribution to servers. Does Octopus have such mechanism? This way push would take place from Octopus Deploy in data center B to distribution point in data center A and C and from there servers would receive the code instead of having multiple tentacles in multiple data centers receiving push from Octopus Deploy system in data center B.

Thank you for any answers you can provide.

Hi Lucas,

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Unfortunately, this is not something we currently support. You could add a suggestion to our UserVoice site and we will review and take the feature into consideration when we plan for our future releases.

In the meantime, one solution could be to setup a local NuGet feed in each datacenter (using NuGet.Server or Klondike for example, or you could possible even get away with setting up a local folder in each datacenter and use that as an external feed in Octopus), then add it to your Octopus Server as external feeds and use a project (or library variable set) variable with appropriate value for each environment (datacenter) and set each Tentacle to pull the package from the NuGet feed in their datacenter.

You would have to push the packages to each datacenter’s NuGet feed like you currently push the packages to your Octopus server.

I hope that helps somewhat.

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Hi, thank you for your feedback.
With creating separate NuGet server or local folder in each data center; do I lose ability to use Push method and Tentacles would have to Pull from the above locations?

What is typical, recommended scenario in multi data center setup like that? Set up Octopus Deploy for each region (non-prod vs prod) or use a solution proposed above?

Hi Lucas,

Yes, you would not be able to use the push method from Octopus to Tentacle in this scenario, you would have to set all your projects to have the Tentacles download the package.

Other customers that have this kind of setup generally run an Octopus Server within each of their data centres from what I’ve seen. Your Octopus license permits you to run up to 3 instances of Octopus Server.

I hope that helps.

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