Package published date displayed inconsistently

I’ve noticed that the published date of packages is displayed in a confusing (inconsistent) way:

  • on the list of packages no timezone is shown and the date seems to be adjusted to the local timezone (based on client-side settings?)
  • in package details the date is in UTC and the timezone (UTC / +00:00) is also shown explicitly

(Octopus cloud version 2019.2.8)

Could the timezone be always shown? Or when a date without a TZ is displayed, could the complete one (UTC or local with TZ) be shown in a tooltip on hover?


Hi Jakub,

Thanks for getting in touch.

I’ve raised this GitHub issue to make these fields more consistent and show the date with timezone as part of a tooltip. I have a fix ready for it that will go out in the next release of Octopus.

Thank you and best regards,

That was super fast, thank you!

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