Package Library download links to latest package not package listed


I have noticed an annoying ‘feature’ in the Library- which has caused us to deploy a dev build to production.

If you go to Library, packages, then select a package, it gives you a list of all builds for that package. If you click in the build number you want, and then download, you get the package you expect, BUT if you click the little icon next to the version number, it will give you that last package published to the feed… (this is on version

Octopus currently only manages our dev and integration environments, we need to download the package that has passed integration testing to deploy it to production, and because of this bug a dev build was deployed to production (a secondary issue caused this to be invisible, someone updated the dev version number to match the release version number, so after deployment everything looked correct…)

Is this a known issue, or even better, is it different in a different version?



Hi Ben,

Thanks for reporting this, looks like a bug to me.
I have created a GitHub issue that you can track here: