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I try to set a CI/CD Environment and i am struggling a bit at the moment. To the projekt i use node.js with a gitlab repository. I test and build my code in jenkins and would like to deploy it with octopus to a windows tentacle server. Everything works except the deploy step. I build package trough jenkins and can find it under the release in octopus.

Due to the lack of information for a project like this i am a bit struggling. What kind of project steps i should use, the “Deploy to IIS” or “Deploy a Package”? And what kind of variables i have to set up?
I already have succesfully set up the Tentacle on my host and have tried out some configurations. But i get always in the Task Logs some odd lines. Log Tentacle

Cheers guys thank you very much. I really appreciate the support in the Octopus Community.

JohannesRaw Log.txt (7.6 KB)

Hi @thom,

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The type of step you use will depend on what you need to accomplish with your deployment.
The Deploy a Package step will mainly just extract the package to the target. You can use the additional features to run pre/post deployment scripts too if necessary.

The Deploy to IIS provides additional configuration options for creating and managing a website in IIS that your package will be linked to.

Regarding variables, there aren’t essential but are there to make things easier for you to manage. Especially when deploying to multiple environments that require different options.

For example, you may have different website hosts for dev and prod so would place a variable there and scope the different values to different environments.

As far as I can see the deployment is completing successfully, what are the issues that you’re running into?


Hey Paul,

thank you very much for the quick answer. I really appreciate for time at this topic.

The Problem i am running is to i have set up everything, the Listening Tentacle on the server host, a project and the steps with the “Deploy a package” method for now on. But when i create a release and try to finally deploy it to the environment i get error messages or it pass through, but nothing happens on the host. So i try to deploy and the deployment is successfully, but on the Tentacle page nothing happens. The error messsage or i think is: No matching appSetting, applicationSetting, nor connectionString names were found in: C:\Octopus\Applications\dev\OctoWeb\1.0.23_5\node_modules\selenium-webdriver\lib\test\data\Web.Config

Raw Log.txt

(7.6 KB)
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Judging from the log, the only deployment actions you have is to extract the package to the deployment target. This is completing successfully and if you check the machine that the tentacle is installed on you should find the package at C:\Octopus\Applications\dev\OctoWeb\1.0.23_5

That isn’t an error message that you’re seeing, just information text. When deploying you can configure Octopus to replace key values within web.config files if desired. This text is just stating that there weren’t any values found to replace. More details on this feature are available here:

If you want the package to be installed at a different location, you can do this by using the custom installation directory feature.

We do have a lot of documentation and video guides available to help you get started.

Cheers Paul,

i think it starts to glow my bulb. Thats totally right that i transfer the package over to the other server. But initially what i want is because i configured the Listening Tentacle on the As you see on the attached screen shot.

My actually plan is not just that it install the project in the directory C:\Octopus\Applications\dev\OctoWeb\1.0.23_5. I want to deploy and see my angular project under the DNS

Is there away i can do that with the task “Deploy a package” ?

Thank you very much i dont know what to say. You are saving my ass :slight_smile:

Best wishes

Ok, so there may be some confusion regarding the various functions of Octopus.

The tentacle URL you are looking at (port 10933) is only ever used for communication between the Octopus Server and the Tentacle in order to perform the deployment steps supplied. This won’t be used to host any packages you deploy to the tentacle on.

In order to deploy your angular project to the tentacle and have it served as a website you will need to specifically create steps in your deployment process to achieve this. You’ve got the first step working, which is to deploy the package. But you will now need to add other steps to set this up as a website. I’m not particularly familiar with how node.js works with IIS so I’m unable to provide detailed information on this.

However, this is a guide for how an ASP.NET application would be deployed to Windows IIS. There will be differences to what you’re trying to do, but it will hopefully provide a good starting point for you and help you understand the various concepts being used within Octopus.

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