Overwriting Someone elses work

I think this is a problem:
When one user A is trying to change variables of a project and at the same time user B has already started to do the same +already saved his changes: when user A will try to save his changes he’ll get an error.
On the other hand, if they are both changing the same process step at the same time (or even something different in the process (including script modules for example), they will both succeed in doing so, ending the second user overwriting the first user’s work.


Hi Nir,

Thanks for reaching out.

This is something we’ll look to improve in the future. From our experience that error you mention (when someone starts to modify, but someone else already saved) covers pretty much all cases except the edge one of two users modifying the variable set at the exact same time. Additionally to that, users create multiple variables with different scopes (environments, channels, etc) to cover all deployment scenarios specifically to avoid having to modify variables too often.


As I see it the behaviour for the variables is OK (unless you can improve it and solve the conflict if it’s trivial, or let the user solve it in a nice manner – similar to how merge conflicts are solved when 2 devs are changing the same file under source control.
With the second scenario that one user completely overwritten someone else’s work and octopus doesn’t identify it – sounds like the real problem to me