Output variables and sensitive variables not working consistently in offline packge drop

I am working on an offline package drop version of my project. I can create output variables within powershell scripts and use them within other powershell scripts but they do not work consistently throughout Octopus; they don’t appear to work within built-in step templates such as create an IIS site, or using the #{} template format in step templates or using variable binding syntax in step templates. They also do not appear to be working in the Configuration Variables and Configuration Transforms features in the create IIS site step.

In my specific case I am planning on prompting for sensitive input from our customers (their security policy doesn’t allow them to put these into Octopus) when they run the offline package on their site and then attempting to use them as output variables in later steps.

Our Rackspace-hosted deploys for this web project don’t have any of these issues using listening tentacles. We are now getting ready to extend our Octopus deploys for this project to our on-premises customers.

Do you guys have any update and/or plans regarding this? I’m using vs. 2018.9.11. Thanks for your help.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for contacting us. Currently we don’t have any plans for improving the offline drop system. It was designed to support one off installations for machines that are not connected to other networks or the internet. What you’re describing, with features such as entering values during installation, is more of a proper installer package (msi, etc.). Octopus is not about creating installation packages, but rather managing installations directly.

Hope that helps.
Cam MacFarland

Thanks Cameron. Agree on the interactive input part but shouldn’t the output variables work in step templates for offline package drops for disconnected machines in the same way as tentacled projects?

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