Orphaned/unreleased nuget packages not being deleted (v3.4.2)


I am on Octopus version 3.4.2
I have retention policies setup for both the lifecycle (keep last 3 releases), as well are the packages (keep last 20 days of unreleased packages).
I have manually rerun the apply retention policies task (several times) to clean away old unused releases and packages.
The releases are successfully being deleted. Ive reviewed the raw logs in retention policy task output - looks good.
However the old (now unreferenced) packages (> 1 month old) are still being kept on the octopus server.

I have verified that old packages are definitely not being referenced by a release (I wrote a script using octopus rest API to scan all releases and package versions, as well as an sql query on the releases table).
Yet they are still showing in the Packages library (as well as the file system).

Can someone please help explain what is happening here?



Thanks for reaching out!



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